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Connect Google Shared Drive to Hailer workflow

How to connect your Google Business Standard drive with Hailer workflows.

Kindly note that this is a restricted feature: contact us in case you would like to know more info@hailer.com For the integration you need a Business Standard Google Workspace license. 

To get started check that you are logged in Hailer with your Google credentials and go to the workflow settings and Files tab. Click Connect Drive. Choose the correct Google account and give Hailer the permission to see, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files. Let's create one for Project management workflow:


connect google drive to hailer

You can then choose the correct shared drive by clicking Activate. 

activate shared drive in hailer workflow

A folder named after the workflow will be automatically created in that shared drive. In this case 

you would get a Project management folder under the activated Test drive.

When you start working and creating activities in the workflow; create a new project for example and use the Add G document feature in Hailer discussions - the documents will automatically be created in the activated shared drive. Read more


In case, you create an activity and there already exists a folder with a corresponding name these two are connected. ie. You have a folder called "Customer project 05 Acme" and you create a new activity with the same name these two are connected.  Read more about creating Google documents

Do you have improvement ideas? Send them to us: info@hailer.com