How to copy process or workflow module in Hailer?

Instruction how to copy process or workflow modules or datasets in Hailer

Have you created the perfect task management workflow or kanban and you would like to copy it to a teammate? Depending on your user rights you might be able to copy the whole module yourself or at least you can ask your workspace admin to do it for you. 

Why and when I should use the copy process functionality?

When you have configured a perfect workflow, you might want to copy it for a teammate. Or you might want to tinker with existing workflow and try out something new.  Copying the original gives you a possibility to do changes and to try them out before deciding which way to go. 

What is copied? 

Copy process functionality copies the process or dataset module, not the activities in them. It creates a new empty module with the name "Copy of ....". All phases, fields and other settings are copied from the original. After the copy has been made we recommend to update the name. 


The "Copy process" functionality is usually restricted for workspace admins. The admins can easily copy process modules or datasets by clicking the three dots in the module header and choose "Copy". The same icon can be found in the dataset settings menu (after September 2020 release). 

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