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How to enable public Workspace copy?

Would you like to help others by sharing your Hailer configuration?

If you have built an awesome Hailer Workspace for a specific problem and you believe others might benefit from it you can create a public copy link. The functionality is available for all Workspace owners. Activate the public copy in the Workspace settings > General tab. 


Copy workspace creates a free copy of your workflows, datasets, and linked modules. Activities and messages are not copied. Check out Hailer Pricing to see what is included in the free license. Workspace copies can be easily upgraded when needed. 

By sharing the link anyone can create a copy of your Hailer Workspace configuration.  Is your Hailer configuration something unique and you think there might be markets for it? We can help you commercialize and sell your solution. Contact us for more information: info@hailer.com

If you are using function fields or files tagging in your workspace and you would like to create a public copy - contact us for more details.