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How to import and export data to Hailer?

Importing and exporting data is easy. We have import/export functionality to processes and datasets.

Excel import 📈

If you have, for example, existing customer data available you can use Hailer import functionality. Go to the Activities view and open the dataset you would like to move the data to. Choose IM- /EXPORT and go to the import tab. 

  1. Download template 
  2. Fill in the rows - ie. copy-paste. 
  3. Save
  4. Go back to Hailer and upload the same file

Here is a short video tutorial on the import:

Data import is very useful, for example:

  • import contacts or customers
  • import product or component lists
  • old tasks or project data from old systems
  • quality reports

Export data

To export data from Hailer go to the process module or dataset where you have the needed data. Open the right phase and click Im/Export in the top right corner under. Choose the fields you need to export and click export to create an excel file.