Troubleshooting Hailer problems

Are you having problems with Hailer?

Hailer is accessed via a browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) or the iOS app. All browsers are a bit different and sometimes it is difficult to find the root cause of usability problems. We listed a few tips to go through when you are facing problems with Hailer. 

  • Refresh browser page
    • Use the refresh button to reload the page. In case you are using the Hailer app (PWA) in Windows hit CTRL +F5, in mac Command+R
  • Reload Hailer  > click your profile pic and click Reload app in the menu
  •  Clear browser cache >  clear  the  cache  from  your  browser  settings

If you are using PWA (have installed the Hailer app from Chrome), you need to clear the cache in Chrome. Please see earlier instructions 

Problems with a mobile device? 

In case you are using an Android device, try to clear the browser cache- see earlier instructions. In iOS, you can close the app, log out, or delete the app and download it back. 


Still, facing issues? Check the Console Log for errors:

In Edge, Firefox, or Chrome, you can check for errors with the Error Console. You can copy any errors you see there, or take a screenshot and send it to us.

  • In Edge, hit F12 and go to the 'console' tab.
  • On Firefox or Chrome for Windows, bring it up with Ctrl+Shift+J.
  • On macOS: Command - Option - J for Chrome or Command - Shift - I for Firefox.

This may seem like a lot, but it will help us to get on top of the problem faster!

You can contact us at