Add activities from discussions, calendar and activities views

How to add new and view and edit activities from different views in Hailer

You can add, view and edit activities in multiple ways. Use Discussions, Activities, or Calendar tabs depending on your preferred working methods. 

Add new or activities in Activities main view

Edit activities by clicking them open > do the wanted changes and save. If you are working with kanban view it is possible to to change the phase of an activity by dragging them on your kanban board. 


Add activities in Discussions

Click plus icon next to the Search discussions bar. Choose the right workflow, add required details and create. 

Add activities in Calendar

Click on the date where you wish to create the new activity. 

Check that you have set the correct date field to the first phase in the workflow settings, or ask your workspace admin to do so.

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Add linked activities

Linked activities are related to the main activity. Depending on your work, they can be, for example, tasks, order rows, or other items containing additional information. You can add these in multiple ways. 

The easiest way to create a linked activity is to open the main activity and 

  1. go to linked activities tab > create or use Linked activities field on the activity card
  2. Open the activity discussion of the main activity and click on the plus icon next to  the “message discussion” field > choose create linked activity

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