Getting started with Hailer

A step-by-step guide for new users. Everything from profile settings to search tips 🧐

Hailer is a work management system. Individuals, teams, and organizations can use it for many different purposes, collaborate around tasks, and manage resources, leads, or venues. You can manage single or multiple workflows. Hailer combines communication with structured work management. It is designed for doers, and we are doing our best to keep it as simple as possible.

1. Profile settings

Add a profile picture, and manage notifications, workspaces, language, and passwords. ➡

2. Navigation tips

Where to find everything. Navigation in Hailer is simple. Check out this article for more details ➡

3. Add and edit activities 

You can add, view and edit activities in multiple ways. Use Discussions, Activities, or Calendar tabs depending on your preferred working methods. ➡

4. Hailer discussions 

What are the different types of discussions, and how to search messages? Read the full guide ➡

5. How to search users, activities and messages

How to find the right stuff in few seconds? Read the article to master the search functionalities: 

How to search activities, messages, etc.?