Hailer Discussions Essentials

Avoid typical pitfalls by following a few easy best practices.

Boost your collaboration to a new level by getting the best out of Hailer discussions. If you are new to Hailer take a look at Introduction to Hailer discussions. 

Avoid: Discussion is happening in multiple channels.

  • Enable discussions only where it is needed to accomplish the work. Typical cases where you usually do not need in-activity discussions are: resources, venue bookings, and working hour records .
  • Admins can disable the in-activity discussions in workflow/dataset settings > Social tab.

    enable activity discussions

Too much going on?

  • Leave the activity discussions that are not relevant to you. Your colleagues can always invite you back if your input is needed later. 
  • If, for some reason, you want to hang around, you can mute the notifications 

Everyone might get a bit lost at times. 

Do you need to connect people from different Workspaces? 

  • Use group discussions. Group discussions are not workspace specific.

Do you need input from an external stakeholder, and do you want to avoid e-mail?

If you are a workspace admin or an owner, communicate these best practices to your workspace users.