Introduction into Hailer Discussions

Learn the basic functions of Hailer Discussions.

My Discussions offers the same fundamental functions of any other instant messenger. What makes it unique is the in-activity messenger, this feature opens a chat channel that is dedicated to your important projects, making it easier to share documents, discuss ideas and keep a timeline of activities related to the project. Communication is a key part of progress, discussing ideas, and sharing information with others has never been easier.

Hailer offers users 4 types of discussion channels.

  • Activity chat
  • Group chat
  • Private chat
  • Event chat

How to create a channel

  • Activity chat – Automatically created once an activity has begun, if the in-activity messenger is enabled in the workflow or dataset. Great for team projects, it allows participants to video chat, share documents, link sources related to the project, and more.
  • Group chat - A chat between a group of users. Not attached to a topic. Start a new group chat in My discussions > green + and add the person(s) or a team you want to chat with. You can also create Group discussions with your Hailer contacts who do not share a Workspace. 
  • Private chat -  A private chat between two Hailer users. Create a new one from My discussions > green + and add the person you want to chat with or go to users and teams and click the chat icon in the contact list.
  • Event chat - event chat channel is automatically created when a new event is added to the workspace calendar. All event participants have access to the chat. Share meeting documents and discuss event-related details.

Tips and Tricks 


leave discussionTo leave a discussion simply click the ‘Leave Discussion’ icon in the top right corner of the page. You can always join back or be reinvited to the discussion if needed.


mark importantMark important discussions by selecting the ‘Show Actions’ option from the top right corner of the screen and click the star icon


discussion popupCreate a popup discussion window by selecting ‘open discussion in a popup window’ from the ‘Show Actions’ menu.

open hailer video meetVideo calls are now available through Hailer. Simply click the video camera icon /  ‘Open Meeting’ option in the top right corner of the chat window to start a video call. (Learn more here)


Search Discussions lists all results in the discussions: activities, contacts, and messages (limited to 20 latest messages with matching content).

hailer discussion search

Search messages

Search messages in a Discussion channel by using the Search bar in the top right corner. The results will be listed in the right sidebar.

Generate and share ‘Google Documents’ by clicking on the + icon next to the text field and choose 'G Add Document'. Create a name and choose the type of document. Click create. (Learn more here)

Upgrade group discussion - Do you have lots of relevant information in group discussions and do you need to open activity for the topic?  Open the discussion details in the left sidebar and click Upgrade to activity  - then choose the correct workflow for your activity. Now you have all the history: chat, files, and links in the correct place. 


Note, that Users will not be deleted from the group discussion, even if they are removed from shared Workspaces. Group discussions are not Workspace specific.