Release notes 2023

We are continuously working to improve the Hailer platform. In this article, you can find our notes and news about releases.

Release notes March 2023

Onboarding layer

The Hailer onboarding layer guides you through the interface and offers useful materials. The tour opens up automatically for new users and can be opened anytime from the “start tutorial” button in the bottom left corner. 

This tour is the first version, and we continuously improve it, so all feedback is welcome! 

It is also possible to build tailored onboarding tours dedicated to your workspace. So if you looking to improve user guidance in your workspace, contact us!

Improved activity card

We received feedback about the new phase selector in the new activity card, thank you. You have been heard! The new version of the phase selector floats at the top and reduces unnecessary scrolling. 

Search functionality for map location

Now it is easier to add locations to your activities. We added search functionality for the location. Enable the map view and activity locations in the workflow settings > general tab.